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Info on whats going on with the mod, where we're going with it, etc....

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Hey guys, My name is Dezi, I am one of the Head developers here at Star Wars: Legion Studios. It's been a while since I have been on moddb, so quite a bit has happened since I first made this page, and I'm here to fill you all in.

So, since our initial Launch in April, quite a bit has changed. Our developer team has grown to over 40 developers, from concept artists, to coders. We are always looking for people who are interested in mod development, and are willing to teach those who do not have the knowledge. We have also begun to create our own assets, such as hazard helmets, airborne, and more, and have slowly been growing larger and larger.

We have decided to do away with the name Star Wars: Legion Armory, and Replace it with the name Star Wars: Legion Studios, in our large scale plan of creating other mods, more than just armor. For this we plan to create mods containing Maps, weapons, vehicles, and much more from every star wars Era.

We also are getting close to implementing our new clone armor in game, so that we no longer have to be dependent to Star Wars: Opposition, and from that point will continue to expand with the hope to please the community, and make it a fair playing field.

Keep a close eye on this page in the weeks to follow, as in some time there may be a link to a new mod.....

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