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Another Lore/Map Focused Update of the Heinzreich mod...

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Hello, Lead Dev Fredinno here. April for the Heinzreich Dev Team has been... less productive then I've hoped. Not to mention much of the work are on 'behind the hood' features I'm not too willing to share.

Thus, this update is going to be shorter than the previous one.


Progress (to Initial Release)

Map: 80% completion

Lore: 10% Completion (I've miscalculated this part last time- too late to edit it now, oh well.)

Tech Tree: 0% Completion

Features: 30% Completion

Focus Trees: 0% Completion


Last time we posted an update to Heinzreich, we had a few questions about some of the more periphery nations in the world of Heinzreich: particularly the Middle East.

Amongst the backdrop of the fall of France, believing the fall of France was imminent, the Committee of Union and Progress, under the leadership of Enver Pasha decided to join the Axis. Hoping to take the territories the empire had lost during the Ottoman Civil War, the Pasha believed- much like Benito Mussolini- that the fall of Britain was imminent, and Turkey had been presented with an easy opportunity to take back the lost glory of a dead Empire.

The reality was far more grim. After over half a decade of brutal stalemate at the harsh mountains of South and Eastern Anatolia- Axis troops, fresh from the fall of the Soviet Union, pushed the Allies out of the Levant.

However, the Pasha's dream of a recreated Turkish Empire were not to be. Instead, the Middle East was to be broken up into various Nationalist Super-states: Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Greater Turkestan.

All of which are held together in a firm Balance of Powers- at least on paper. Oil has made the Saudis more wealthy than anyone could have previously imagined. German control of Saudi Oil has long since vanished, and every month, another piece of information seems to emerge that shows the extent King Fahd is prepared to use his country's immense wealth to establish a new Caliphate across the Middle East.

Only time will tell if anything will truly come out of this sabre-rattling...

Further Information on the Middle Eastern states pends further lore development. ;)

For now, a preview of what to come...

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