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Development Log - January 2020 Update (General and UI)

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  • Updated build pipeline to properly handle changes
  • Disabled map pan buttons when at edges of map
  • Work on automatically refreshing views when installations are complete or ship movements arrive
  • Added SSL support
  • Refactor of the display of the celestial table on the system page
  • Made the combat report stats table better on mobile
  • Added a mission system to teach players how to play
  • Simplified the view of combat reports so the important information is shown at the top
  • Refactored the application navigate so that the view resets scroll when changing pages
  • Split various application contexts into more clearly defined chunks
  • Show a message to players who have been defeated
  • Send a notification to a player and their federation when they are defeated
  • Display skulls and strikethroughs when players and federations are defeated
  • Tidied up various small issues on the nav menu
  • Moved resources view to its own url
  • Implemented beginner's protection and user interface to report as such

UI Tweaks

  • Renamed Processing Node heading to Output Node
  • Changed Build queue things to show render of celestial rather than icon
  • Seen installations on combat reports will be ordered by celestial index
  • Can select sectors from the sector summary table on megacity screen
  • Market order validation simplified
  • Help button on Manufactory and Megacity page
  • Don't show send ships button on map view when a solar system is selected
  • Lots of work to make it play better on mobile
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