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In which we discuss the two objectively best candidates to rule Nazi Germany through the Cold War: a mad militarist with a personality cult and a man that the Reaper once described as 'rather cold'

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Heydrich's Reich:

Well, you asked why I supported Herr Heydrich, mein Frau, beyond me being a man of honor? Well, I believe it should be obvious to all. You tell me you know what his rule will be like, but he is no puppet, I can tell you personally. His path will be difficult, but it shall be a glorious one.

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The Reich has fallen, this much is clear to us. Complacency, selfishness, decadence, weakness. These have all torn the facade away from the building and then demolished the once proud foundations of our glorious empire. A once greater Germania has bowed before the whims of pitiful liberals, foreign barbarians, and aggressors from abroad, and now sits on the precipice of destruction.

There is hope, however. Hope for a better world. A new world.

One dominated by Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich. One led into the future on the laurels of Ultranational Socialism.

A future where Aryans need not squander their potential on frivolous, material pursuits. Where a man and his wife and children may grow up safely, with no fear of the insidious evils of both the criminal and the foreigner. Where they may discover the meanings of their own lives in the simplicity and enjoyment of the classical and German way of life.

When Reinhard Heydrich, Reichsführer-Deutsche SS, takes charge of our glorious Reich, a long and frightful path will lay ahead of him. Wrought with the wretched traitors that have so plagued the Reich, whether they be the politicians of the establishment, the limp wristed liberals who wish to tear it all down, or the teenage traitors filling the streets. All must die if the Reich will be made whole again, and thankfully, Herr Heydrich does have help in his noble crusade against corruption. With the SS.

And with the SS, the traitors will bleed.

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Herr Heydrich will have to deal with the longest path towards stabilizing the Reich after the Civil War, thanks to the massive number of rebel scum who dare to fill our streets and homes. There is only one way to deal with them however, and with the might of the SS it is possible. Any who did not die in the Civil War, any fools who still dare speak against their rightful ruler now that all others have fallen before his righteous fury, all of them will die.

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First come the students and other protesters, the fools who dared believe that their pitiful, malignant voice deserved to be heard when shouted from a street corner and when they dared put brave, proper Germans at risk. The teeming masses could have stopped the conflict had they merely spoken out for Herr Heydrich, but instead the cowards peddled subversive American music and perverted Italian cinema.

Instead they poisoned the beautiful Reich with the disgusting ideology of liberalism, preaching equality for no purpose than to destroy the order of the righteous and welcome back the Bolshevik and the devil both, the first creatures the Reich had purged. Their death will serve as an example, or their disappearance shall. Either Herr Heydrich can wipe out these pathetic subversives, or he can show benevolence, and let them join those who they once pretended to fight for in servitude.

While this may be more difficult, it can also be a boon, as a new, huge batch of workers find themselves repairing the nation they destroyed. A fitting end, no?

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Next is the wealthy, the bankers, the merchants of debt and deceit who grow fat on Swedish dollars and chocolates while forcing the Aryan into their own servitude. These fools in the one percent believe themselves superior to the Reich's laws and ideals, they believe wealth means that they need not participate in the great experiment that we established. These fools will all die as well, or, like the students, learn to live a life in poverty.

The first steps taken will be more official. First they will be rounded up, and their money taken. Then we will close their accounts, burn their banks, and close the loopholes that allowed them to exploit the workers, all the while we shall reposes their ill earned gains and bring them back to the rightful protectors of the Reich.

And then we will show them the light, that they were in the wrong with every Reichsmark they stole and every piece of German material they peddled to the Reich's enemies. They will learn to love the Reich like all others, and its great Führer.

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Then comes the politicians, not dissimilar to the businessmen. The politicians have sold out the Reich for their own game, squabbling for political power over material wealth and tearing apart the Reich in their insipid struggle for dominance over one another. It is the politicians who truly caused the Civil War. It was the politicians who derided Herr Heydrich and refused his magnanimous rule. It was the politicians who joined the traitor Speer, and the idiot Bormann, and the slob Göring, and hand and hand walked the Reich into oblivion.

First, each faction will be hunted down, individually. They will be ran out and the liberals, conservatives and hawks each will be put down like the filthy scum they are. When they are annihilated, all others who failed to support the Führer will be lined up like the traitorous dogs they are and, alongside their supporters, returned to the hellish depths they no doubt belong in.

And then, with the Reichstag nullified, only one more group in the Reich must be dealt with.

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The military are the biggest traitors to the Reich. Ordered with protecting Germany, they instead whored themselves to any fool who wanted to rip apart our glorious empire. For this, they have signed themselves to death and dishonor, they will see their standards burned, and all perceived privileges forfeit.

They will be stood down, the soldiery and their officers both. When segregated, they will be locked away, and then they will be dealt with.

For the soldiers, Herr Heydrich will be kind. Their pride will be taken, they will have their cliques broken, and they will ensure that they keep one another in check for the future. Perhaps, one day, once they have proven themselves, they will get their banners and colors and their pensions back. Until then, they will enjoy life at the bottom, as criminals, waiting to redeem themselves again.

For the officers, the punishment will not be so kind. They will be tracked, their information tracked, their families tracked. Every single one of them, individually, will be tried and found guilty of either betraying the Reich or being too incompetent to attempt to save it with Herr Heydrich. Each one who fails will dispensed with, those who survive will find themselves made utterly subservient to the SS until they can once again prove their loyalty, and redeem their incompetence.

And every tenth one, in the Roman tradition, will be removed afterwards, to pay for their collective failures. If the Führer knows anything, it is how to best send a most powerful message, and this is one they will all have to hear.

And with the military subdued, the Reich may rebuild, into its glorious future that it has always deserved to inherit.

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First, Herr Heydrich can begin the steps for the glorious reunification of the Reich, nicknamed the Burgundian Marriage.

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The Marriage should be the first goal of the new Führer. While the traitors have been crushed, many still dare hide their treachery behind what they claim is normal discourse and honest advice. No such thing exists, only subversive voices attempting to spread their cancerous ideology to the masses, and so they shall be ignored, and silenced.

The first barrier to the reunification is the military. While they may be beholden to the Führer now, they still stand opposed to the reunification of the two nations, and they will be crushed.

Their fortifications will be demolished into dust, the Elsass Line which the traitors once built in order to protect from their benevolent brethren in Burgundy serving as nothing besides an obstacle to German destiny. The border guards shall be removed and sent back to the home front to deal with the problems there, and the Wehrmacht will be reshuffled to include leaders from SS units, who will ensure their men remain loyal during the transition.

New roadways and telecommunication lines will also be built, to combine the two nation's infrastructure plans and ensure that nobody can claim the two are separate from one another.

And finally, the SS must be brought into the smoldering ruins of the Reichstag. They will sit at every door, in every hallway, and they will line the walls of the meeting halls, watching intently for any sign of traitors who dare raise their voice in protest.

Similar will be done in the streets, but the hand will not only be firm, it will be fair. With the same fist we beat the subversive proles into submission, we will feed them, and heal them, and lift them up, all in the name of the Burgundian SS. With aid supplies from the west rebuilding Europe, the masses will understand how truly kind their new masters are.

And then we will bring in the Burgundians properly, their tanks will roll over the 'border' and end this divide. We will mobilize as well, and put down all known pockets of protest before they have a chance to spark a second conflict. We should not dally on this, for while Herr Heydrich is wise and the SS all powerful, we can ill afford a *second* Civil War.

With the end of this divide, it is time for the politics of Germany to be changed. Her society. Her industries. Her people.

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Spartanism shall rise. A new, more perfect way of life begins here.

First, the economy must be restructured. A new path has to be found to make the Reich whole again, and it is up to Herr Heydrich exactly what this path will look like.

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Herr Heydrich will obviously focus on making the Reich's colonies take up the burden they have long slacked. If they are loyal, and bowed before Herr Heydrich's authority, then they will take the plan easily, with the careful guiding hand of the SS. If they are still disloyal, hiding abroad as they pretend to practice their stolen autonomy, they will be hunted, and when they are subdued they will be forced to accept this new vision. Either way, all will serve the Fatherland.

There is also some rumor in the SS that Heydrich and his inner circle may have found funding in other, less savory places. These voices claim that instead of bleeding the traitors in the Reichskommissariats dry, Herr Heydrich is actually planning on receiving his funding by taking control of, and expanding, the black market routes through the cowards in Brittany. This is obviously a lie, a disgusting thought held only by fools. Our glorious leader would never plan on such a thing.

Instead, we shall follow Herr Heydrich's planned 'Blood and Soil' initiative, a callback to the old propaganda that served us so well in the last war. The initiative focuses on the blood, the people of the colonies who do not serve the Reich despite their great obligations to their homeland, and the soil, the factories, the farms, the land. Both must be exploited in their own way.

For the blood, they may either join the military or the workforce. It is still up for debate whether the program should focus solely on those of pure German blood, or if some honorary Aryans may be permitted and allowed to prove themselves as German through the workforce or the military. If the former route is taken, then all will have to serve, with no choice in this matter, eventually leading to Herr Heydrich's 'One Child Policy', which will allow every German family to have one child to raise themselves, with all subsequent ones being considered party property, and when of an aged deemed sufficient, sent to toil in the military or the mines for their family.

In the latter route, the untermensch of the colonies will be allowed to prove their dedication to their new Fatherland thanks to the benevolent decree of their master in Germania. If they prove themselves, they may find salvation for their entire race, and they will surely work their hardest when they know their tribes and peoples are at the stake, depending on how hard they work.

For the soil, many decisions must be made. Factories must either be bought, in order to ensure the continuing function of the local economies without hiccup, or taken with force in order to prevent the Reich from ever again bending to the mongers of business. Workers must either be exported from the now pillaged homeland to help build and man these factories, or propaganda must be used to get every available worker toiling away for their homeland. Infrastructure must either be built up to equal that of the home front to encourage further development, or torn down to ensure a faster rebuilding back home. Finally, it must be decided what we shall do with the people of the colonies. Will Herr Heydrich reward those who work so hard for Germany, or will he crush them, ensuring those insidious vipers in the sands do not have a chance to bite?

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With that finished, Herr Heydrich will also need to deal with the mess that has become German urbanization, and the people of the nation themselves.

Some things are unsalvageable, the Volkshalle for instance, the brainchild of a traitor and crumbling from the righteous bombardment Speidel and his traitors received in Germania, will need to be torn down. Likewise, the Reichstag, the scene of much of the fighting, will also need to be completely remodeled, and its facade shall be torn off to show the world our new, spartanist visage. After which, we shall march on the neighborhoods and avenues of the wealthy, and close them off for good. The mansions shall be replaced with much more practical constructions.

The monuments that fill Germania, war monuments, monuments to the workers, monuments to Hitler, monuments to German Kings and Emperors, monuments to victories and near defeats. They fill every avenue, courtyard and boulevard. Some are of insane scope and size, resources having been wasted on them when they were so dearly needed elsewhere. Herr Heydrich will have to decide whether to demolish these, and use their resources to rebuild the city and its surrounding suburbs, such as the Seelow Heights which was burned to the ground in the final offensive, or rebuild them, and build new monuments to celebrate Heydrich and the SS who saved Germany from its decadence.

When the streets have been rebuilt and cleaned, the workers will find new homes, assigned to each and every one to ensure there are no homeless and there are no poor. New, simpler architecture will ensure less supplies are used, and this plan will be copied to every single city across Germany. A new and better German city will arise, one that does not feed at the expense of the simple farmer, but one that is centered around industry, towards building a new Germany.

Further work will then need to be done on our construction plans, but also on the people. For construction, we will need to find new ways to make our buildings even more cheap than they were before. The more we remove, the more we may build. Why does the worker need an air conditioner, when the heat makes them stronger? Why do they need a television to waste their time and consume their minds when every worker receives a simple bookshelf filled with only the finest of party literature? Why even have homes at all, when all workers and their families can be housed in communal barracks like the soldiers they worship so. Why have privacy, when any good citizen has nothing to hide?

We shall bring the communities together, in a new glorious plan that ensures every man, woman and child in Germania is equal, and never let the petty restraints of wealth and class disunite Germany.

The people, like their buildings, will also be stripped down to their most bare essentials. Nobody should own jewelry, when the metals can be put towards greater uses for the Reich, nobody should own frilly, overly designed clothing, when militaristic designs and hardy and cheap fabrics can serve so much better. A new fashion will be created, one where everyone shall desire to wear the simplest, cheapest clothes, so that they can instead spend their wealth on things that matter for them and their family, or send it to the government to help fund their wonderful nation.

Finally, the industries of the Reich must be dealt with. And later, the slaves.

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Factories will be torn apart so their infrastructure may be redistributed, to ensure all can perform at optimal levels instead of the richest succeeding and the poor failing. To help pay for our building up of all of these industrial yards, welfare and other such things that Germans have relied on to fund their debauchery will be cut, and a new lifestyle promoted, where pitiful leisure is discouraged and more time working is held on a brilliant pedestal. Heroes of labor, our Everyday Spartans.

The slaves will also be taken out of private hands and redistributed to where the Fatherland deems necessary. No German needs a personal servant to bring them their wine when that servant can be better used in the mines or on the battlefields, and all luxuries they helped provide will also be stripped away completely.

Likewise, these lazy fools will be dragged out and put to work. Criminals will now work on a single strike, if they ever dare break our laws again, accident or no, they will find themselves in a worker's camp along with the rest. If they decide to dissent against this, then they will see what happens to the traitors in the workforce, who dare sabotage their brethren who bravely toil for their prosperity.

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With the preliminary work done, further must be done to ensure slave and worker both fulfill their duties. For the slaves, it will be made clear to them that there is no way out once they are in the camps, besides work. To ensure they do not cause unrest, however, we will show our benevolence. The slaves and their guards both shall enjoy the same amount of luxuries, the same quality of barracks, for in the spartan way of life, all are equal.

Through constant inspections of each and every camp, we will ensure that the slaves have nothing to complain of, as they and their watchers both are closely scrutinized to ensure the proper way of living is upheld. Let their guards be an example to their wards, so there may possibly be hope for those fools in the future.

Outside of the camps, the workers will get the same choice their brethren in the colonies made. They will work on the assembly line or the battle line, and if they fail to do those, on the firing line. Each worker will be watched by eagle eyed commissars ensuring that all work is kept at its highest possible capacity and that all workers are giving the entirety of their effort.

And we will also make them fear. They will know if they fail to perform at their maximum capacity, they will dispensary into the night with the sound of the helicopter blades of the Gestapo's new air squadrons. The camps will be hidden away from the public eye.

Those who go in? They will not come out.

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And when this is done, when all of the communities of Germany are united in one purpose. When the society has been torn down and rebuilt. When the camps have been brought up and integrated into our industry, a new society will rise. One where every German has a place, a role and a function. One where everyone knows the rigors and efforts of a militarized life, and can pick up the rifle at a moments notice.

This is the better Germania we dream of, a simple one, a greater one than ever before.

Finally, we should prepare ourselves for the reunification of the Reich, when we shall break the colonies and force them back into true subservience. Most of the fools have broken their ties of allegiance and betrayed their homeland, so in response we will utterly crush them. Break their spirits. Salt their fields. No traitor will be left unbutchered.

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First, there are those who will go easy: Denmark, Bohemia, and Poland.

The Danes have not been allowed to reestablish an actual military force and have been left subservient to the Reich for years, a slow integration having already been begun and then abandoned in the chaos of the 50s Crash. A short march north, laying waste to any who dare try to stop our righteous advance, and a naval bombardment of their pitiful islands will quickly show them that resistance to our rule is absolutely futile.

When they have been show the error in their ways, they will be brought back up, dragged from the ashes reborn. The Danish All German Union will ensure the future Germanization of the former puppet, bringing Germans and Aryans above their lower counterparts and eventually Germanizing the entire nation.

Next is Bohemia. Herr Heydrich stomped out what pitiful resistance remained in the nation years ago, and although their campaigns were renewed in the 50s, they were smashed again years prior. With his old connections and the might of the Reich, and integration plans already half finished, it will be simple for the Reich to force the Bohemians to bow before their new order.

Finally, Poland will be brought back into the fold as well. While the partisans there have a significant force, their ongoing war with the Generalgouvernement have left both sides weak and the Generalgouvernement reliant on foreign assistance to even stay afloat.

Simply reasserting our control of the area will give us the authority to throw out the incompetent Hans Frank and reform the local government. Bringing in the local SS units who are desperate to return order will also assist us in reestablishing order. The destruction of the Volksliste will further this, the outdated document having become used for many to weasel their way from service and managing to encourage further resistance while doing it.

Finding the partisans, however, will be the chief operation, as will their so called 'Underground State', their secret government, which has continued to cause numerous issues for the Reich for decades. The war to retake the area must be swift and merciless, as we can not let the world know we have let such an organization sit under our nose for so long.

With these fools handled, our march further east will begin. Ostland and Ukraine both will need to be subjugated if we are to return the Reich to glory.

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Ostland and Ukraine both present their own difficulties that the previous three weaklings did not have. Both have established military forces and a war within the Reich so soon would be disastrous for Herr Heydrich's image as the benevolent ruler that he is. In addition, Ostland is extremely Germanized and does not face the mass unrest that many others do. To succeed there we will need to weaken the nation significantly, from the inside.

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The plan is simple. Agents will infiltrate both the resistance as well as local government forces. The resistance is not exceptionally powerful, being divided into a multitude of different factions, with the two biggest groups being the various leftist resistances and the nascent national ones.

To have them pose any sort of threat we will need to control them from the inside, taking the reins from their foolish members and uniting their movements ourselves. Only then will we be able to use them towards proper goals: the subjugation of Ostland.

With the government, we will need to find our own allies in the administration. Namely, we will need to find them in the military. Only if we likewise control their forces will we be able to give the resistance a fighting chance, and ourselves the ability to destroy both sides from the inside.

By contacting SS officers, current or former, and convincing them to reaffirm their loyalty, we will gain a very significant base of power. Likewise, approaching those among them who are not truly fools and can be convinced to rejoin the fold with simple offers not to treat them like we will the rest of the traitors in the colony, we will ensure much of the rest of the military will be subservient to us in the future.

And when both sides are firmly feeling the weight of our boot, we will pit them against each other.

Using our newfound sway over the resistance, we will have them commit to a six day bombing campaign in Riga. Using our military forces, we will ensure the campaigns are ultimately successful in shaking the colony to its core, and that military forces find themselves routinely being shattered by the resistance formations.

And with a hand offered in help, we will have them.

Using our connections in the resistance, we will pit them against one another and then utterly annihilate any hope they may have had of fighting against their betters. Every trace. Every little piece of their existence. Every single pathetic molecule and cell struggling to continue on will be utterly burned away.

Likewise, the local garrison will be stood down, forcefully. Martial law will reign in the streets as the SS mobilizes and forces themselves into the government. Our contacts in the military will ensure this goes smoothly, and not a finger ends up being raised against us.

And then, when all is over.

We will burn it.

All of it will burn.

Soldiers will be ran out, the resistance will be destroyed, all will be killed for their treachery. Those who thought had attained mercy through subservience will be ran out and shot for daring to ever doubt the Reich. Only when nobody is left standing will be end the pretensions there. The entirety of the pathetic colony will be an example to those who dare raise a hand against Herr Heydrich in the future.

And then it will be rebuilt.

A better Ostland.

One that will be little more than a state within the Reich, managed not from Riga, but from Germania.

And with Ostland brought back to the fold, we also need to look towards Ukraine, to the endless fields of wheat and resources that has refused our rule as well. Their own petty squabbles will also be used against them, much like in the Ostland method, and every single traitor will know fear when we are done there.

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Our plan for Ukraine is similar. Infiltrate their resistance, infiltrate their government, ensure both are utterly inept at dealing with the crisis we have brought on, and then sweeping in to ‘save’ the fools. However, Ukraine has its own host of issues that makes this a unique situation to handle, and Herr Heydrich knows this better than any. They do, however, have one element unique to their pathetic ‘nation’ that we may exploit.

The Cossack hordes.

With a steady stream of guns and advisers, and elements of the SS securely in both the Ukrainian OUN-B and the local government in the AOdNSDAP, we will stage a false attack on the Cossacks. Using local uniforms and encouraging support from our men in the government, we will incite the Cossacks to revolt and invade the Ukrainian state.

At the same time, we will incite the Ukrainians themselves to revolt against their local leaders. The two will surely wear each other. down into nothing while the Cossacks pillage and rampage across the east, and with such a thing destroying them, the Ukrainians will come crawling all the way to Germania, begging Herr Heydrich to be their savior.

And so he shall. With all enemies standing in the open, waving their flags, it will be simple to use Germany’s superior military might to utterly demolish the resistance and Cossacks both. Their deaths will secure our place in Ukraine, and while we are there, we will also round up the officers we have become embedded with and ensure they never have a chance to resist Herr Heydrich’s benevolent rule.

Only then, will we have peace.

And with Ukraine and Ostland broken, the only place to go is east. To Kaukasia and Moskowien.

And then beyond.

But of course, we must be prepared for eventualities. Not all plans can be set in motion as we wish. We have everything to thank the brave and proud upholder of our National Socialist tradition in Herr Himmler. And, as the benefactor for this rebirth of our nation, we are beholden to whatever greater machinations he may have.

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Some of them will most likely be relatively simple to complete. No doubt, one of these will involve bringing Burgundy itself to nuclear parity with the Reich to ensure its continued security.

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Others, however, may be a bit more demanding of us.

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But surely, it is all for the best. Herr Himmler is a good man, and only desires the best for Deutschland. Ja Fräulein?

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Well, that was horrifying.

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"Make Germany Great Again" ayy

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