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We discuss what I've been doing over the last few months and how a lack of motivation can stop a project dead in its tracks.

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Hey, it's been a while.

You may be wondering why I've not updated this mod in less than three months. The answer, put simply, is that I lacked the motivation to continue: I knew from the end of September that I would not be able to get the giant update out for Halloween: I had tried to get map changes to work in SOMA to little effect and the project files are in a mess. I've not dared looked at them until today since I posted my last dev diary in August.

Another reason as to why I've been not very active lately is because I was finishing up my first full length album release under my Tumor Tuner brand. A sort of celebration and criticism of the Frictional Games Community, it is about certain events that happened in the now defunct Frictional Games Forums, the SOMA Reddit and Discord Servers. The album is exactly eight months in the making and will be releasing on Sunday the 29th of October, two days away from the publication of this diary. Please take the free album in exchange for the lack of updates to Hard Mode.

So where to from here? I plan to look through the files over the coming days and will try to publish as much as I can fix for October the 30th or 31st. I have successfully implemented the checkpoint system for the WAU flowers but I need to get rid of the checkpoints in the actual game maps. I will go over multiple enemy types (I'm looking at you Proxies and Robothead) and balance/fix major bugs for you guys (this is top priority as it is the easiest to test and ship). All I can say is that while it is not worth the wait take solace in the fact that I will try to fix the base mod as much as I can for you guys to play on All Hallows Eve!

Thanks for reading,

Aidan Maxwell

A.M Team

Some underwater stuff

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