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This one is about noise like this >W>>>>A>qw><>&>>>.

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I'd tell you where I've been but it's been a confusing month. I have been working on a game though. So noise. I guess I should explain. See a central piece of technology in this game is a terminal node controller or TNC. That is what city's wireless network is built on.


TNC gets data from a PC, creates packages, modulates them into sound and then transmits them by radio. It's an actual thing that actually exists, even though it's not used as much anymore. Since it uses radio waves it's susceptible to electromagnetic interference, like from a storm. And there's a lot of storm in this game.

noise noise


noise noise

You know, when you have to draw schematics to explain the most basic things about your game, maybe you've made a horrible mistake. Anyway, I think I'll write a bit about units next week.

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