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This is a dev blog of Polaroid, an indie game developed by university students.

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Polaroid Dev Blog


This week, P0tato Studio made the following changes towards the game, Polaroid:

  • Added backstory elements to the game, including decors and posters in the level, various notes on transition photos and an end scene
  • Added a feature to delete existing photos
  • Tweaked the UI so that inventory display is no longer distracting
  • Fixed a bug where UI is out of scale on certain screen resolutions
  • Fixed a bug where guidance pointers show up in cutscenes
  • Fixed a bug where guidance text shows up in photos

These changes are mainly to polish our game so that it feels more complete and market-ready. The backstory elements will make the game feel much more complete and realistic so that players feel more immersed and invested in the game. The feature to delete photos prevent players from soft locking, and the UI tweaks will improve the overall gameplay experience.

Next week, we plan to:

  • Add more pickups and hidden rooms in the levels to complete the story even further
  • Add more realistic arts and decors
  • Fix bugs and tweak features according to playtest feedbacks

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