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Loser guy diary vol 7.77. It's just a Weekly update. It's no big deal but.. is better than nothing.

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Hello to all the developers and all curious minds.

I've realized that the villagers and the colleagues felt quite out of date.. So I've decided to update them. I've created several heads and body props in order to have more variety of villagers.


I updated the characters menu. I have removed a lot of useless information and now it's more appealing than before.. Or so I've chosen to believe.


I've also been working on a dialog system. The villagers have their own language which clearly you don't understand.. but.. There's always a word that you can make out.

For example, in the next image the villager is trying to tell you that he'll give you a reward if you get him a particular flower or.. He might be telling that these flowers are dangerous and that he'll give you a reward if you destroy them.


Thank you for your time and hopefully we'll see you around here soon!
And that's it for now. Deica logo.

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