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A complete list of maps with descriptions of the type of gameplay it promotes!

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Office- An abandoned dark office building filled with zombies. Stealth or Rambo type gameplay both work.

Border- The border of the closed off sector in Russia. Two types of enemies, zombies and guards. Promotes Rambo style gameplay. Kill everything.

School- An abandoned dark school building. Kill zombies in what was once a safe place for kids. Promotes Massacre style gameplay!

Field Of Ruins- A field with buildings that are half destroyed and ruins are everywhere, bits and pieces of buildings lay waste to this field. Promotes whatever type of style you want to use.

Mine Shaft - A spiritual sequel to bridge. This map is long and narrow and forces you to fight deeper into the mine against zombie hordes! Promotes push style gameplay. Push back hordes of zombies in an old mine shaft.

And there you have it guys. Look forward to this coming sometime soon!

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Alright quick update time! Map pack should be out sometime this weekend or week, im going to get it done, and then shift focus to a different game. Plus im going to be doing alot of dark fusion videos and such, and testing different game making tools to bring you something new.

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