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There is a demo available for The Survivors! Features: Zombies! Vehicles! Lights!

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The Survivors news:
Progress is going fast, lots of new features, and more functionality added.
Inventory system is being tossed about, need a solid idea.

Zombies being zombies! Players sight

Demo released:
The Survivors v0.001

+ New map
+ Zombies
+ A drivable vehicle
+ Noise effect
+ Zombie AI

Known bugs:
Torches freeze in place if active when you enter the vehicle
A game freeze due to an issue with path finding in tight areas with groups of zombies.
Zombies overlay with each other
Zombies have a hive mind. (if one sees you, all others will

Other stuff:
If a zombie cant see you, it will wander randomly
Windows and your torch come in handy, zombies are in buildings too!
Zombies are friendly and just want hugs, they wont hurt you.

Thanks for following!
- Crusade

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