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Demo 0.3 is out! Find out where to play it, and what's changed since the last demo!

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Hi, IndieDB; I'm Lon, and I make Pokémon Campaign.

I've made a lot of changes since the last demo, and even though this is my first time posting to IndieDB, I'll list the changes here:

-The ability to save and reload your game has been added, so don't feel pressured to play through it in one sitting
-Newgrounds Medals have been implemented into the game (but since it isn't a final release, Medals currently give out 0 Points)
-The sidebar has been replaced with a much better-looking HUD at the bottom of the screen
-You can now click on the icons in the HUD to switch between Pokémon and their attacks
-There are now clear paths to help you not get lost in the areas
-Stunky and Qwilfish will now fight back when attacked from a range, and can no longer be beaten by standing off to the side and spamming ranged attacks
-A new area (Mantis Forest) along with new Pokémon have been added, as well as a new boss (Yanmega)
-Voice acting (provided by dellaciel and lucawesome) has been added to NPCs.
-Maps have been updated with custom art
-Several new features such as a Poké Dex have been added
-Magnemite and Onix have been removed from Cordovan Cave and are not available in this demo. Don't worry, though, they'll return in future areas.

That should be it! If this is your first time playing, be sure to check out the tutorial section for help with the controls.

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