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this is a correction to Cyber's news, although most of you will still be disapointed.

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as Cyber previously pointed out, the PC version is going to be delayed for ACII, this in fact isn't true.

First: If you live in Canada you can expect ACII to be released November 17th 2009
Second: If you live anywhere else in NA you can expect it November 18th 2009 (or sometime close to it but not before it)

It's only being delayed in EU and personally i think it should, i mean they get the good special edition so they should wait for it, in NA there is no special editon for PC even tho the game is made in Montreal, Canada!

So i just wanted to clear that up for everyone. :D

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lol sorry i don't mean to offend anyone by this, it's just that the game's made in Canada and we don't even get a special edition for the PC. just imagine a game being made in Poland and North America gets the best special edition for PC and in Poland you don't even get a PC special Edition and all you get is a regular edition.

nothing wrong with regular edition but if your like me then you like to get special editions for 1. all the bonus stuff and 2. bragging rights with your friends :P

also this is wrong the pc version is delayed everwhere till next march. Which makes so much sense because theres so many differences between the xbox/ps3 versions and the pc version /sarcasm the only difference is the controls! so i have no ******* clue why it's delayed and frankly it just ****** me off.

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