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Progress has been made on the first level. Several engines are currently being tested. BGE is a valuable solution, but careful planning is essential not to make fatal errors.

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First of all I apologize for my absence. I've been dealing with over-heating problems caused by my gpu. This forced me to stop for a while my work on Princess' Castle since any intensive use of the gpu made the laptop very hot and unusable. Now that I've managed to partially solve the problem I came back to work on my little game.

You may have wondered whether I had abbandoned the game, since it often happens that a small project like Princess' Castle remains unfinished.

I can not predict when this game will come out. I consider it a long term experiment: The outcome is all but certain. Updates will eventually be scarce and far between, notwithstanding I am confident that this game will be released in some form, be it a playable alpha or a complete commercial release.

Some progress has actually been made. In fact, I've finished the raw geometry of the first level. Right now I'm toying with the Blender Game Engine (BGE). That said, this is a one-man-project, which practically means it's hard to tell when I will be able to share more information. And this is the main reason that lead me to write this note.

I wanted to assure you of my dedication to the project. I would also like to sincerely express my gratitude towards those who are tracking the project: Your interest propels my work and strenghtens my determination.

FairFriend aka Rodolfo

P.S.: enjoy the render :)

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