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anyone who's been following or has visited this mod profile probably has noticed how it has taken more time than the sentence short SOMA project would imply. The reason for that is not entirely limited to this project, but would also apply to any possible future projects of mine and things I've done in the past. I simply have too many ideas in my head at the same time and I want to try as many things as possible, resulting in having no idea as to what to do. That applies to this mod as well, which was originally supposed to be a rather simplistic story-less corridor adventure with scares. However, I'm rarely satisfied with my work and want to do more and more and everything always better, thus I've made some drastic changes which has taken some time. I've rewritten the story multiple times now, but never really finding proper closure and some of the levels I've redesigned to be more "fitting" for the story.

After quite some time, I feel like now I'm on the right track. The levels are looking more to my liking and story I have to partly rewrite again, but after that it should be smooth sailing.
Also I think I'll keep the "short SOMA project" text above until I have rewritten the story entirely, instead of writing things like before that felt good a few months ago, but cringe-worthy right now. Also it should be noted that the story I'm working on now is completely different compared to what I wrote of previously, which is why it would have been rather silly to keep it up there.

From now on I'll keep the profile updated as frequently as before which is almost never, mostly due to wanting to work on it in peace instead of making too big of a deal out of every new thing I add or come up with.


Yay! You're still working on it

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