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Gentlemen, I give you Cards, the screenshots of tomorrow. The brand new set of tutorials kicks off with the BGPGMH Introduction and unveiling of the new tutorial format. PLUS: Details on the permanent release schedule for tutorials.

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Media Schedule:

Expect consistent content. Not every once-in-a-while, not every month. There will be new BGPGHM media available EVERY WEEK. That’s either going to be a tutorial or game download, or who-knows-what-other-sweet-stuff-I’ve-got-planned. Every week by Monday, you can expect new media to have been submitted to Mod DB the previous day/evening. You get your content as early as Mod DB processes it. So what about this week? Well, the week being almost over isn’t going to stop me from delivering on content and since I made a promise in the previous news post I’m doubling up on media release! That’s right, the BGPGMH Introduction is online for you to read RIGHT NOW AND the media schedule kicks off this coming Monday with the first BGPGMH 2011 tutorial made for Game Maker 8.1 Standard: the first Lesson of the Basic Maze Game tutorial. For a peek at the shininess that is the new tutorials, read on below.


“Bluish Green Productions here,

This is a tutorial, complete with screenshots. Good enough for learning.
Not BGPGMH tutorials!
Gentlemen, I give you Cards, the Screenshots of tomorrow.

Fully configurable, infinitely variable.
BGPGMH tutorial Cards will assist you in game design every Step of the way!”


I’ve completely rewritten all the tutorials so that they are better structured and easier to interpret. Sure, screenshots might be an easy alternative but anyone can make screenshots. Also, there is a lot of wasted space in screenshots unless I crop them down. That’s not to say that there isn’t any wasted space with cards, but they also scale better. See cards in action yourselves this coming Monday as the new media schedule starts off.

Good luck Game Making!

~Bluish-Green Productions

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