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"Dead On Sight Could Be The Best Zombie Sniper Game For iOS"

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Thanks for stopping by to checking out my first offering Dead on Sight, it has been 2 years in the making, Dead on Sight started as a red triangle on a screen and soon grew into the large dust bowl town of Resurrection, Dead on Sight has some cool and expressive comic art, each level is a different vantage point across the town leading to the final level where you pick off zombies whilst your survivors make a bid for freedom.

What the press are saying about Dead on Sight:

"Dead On Sight Could Be The Best Zombie Sniper Game For iOS"

"There’s nothing better than that post-apocalyptic feel you get when you hatchet off a zombie’s head or score a headshot." 7 out of 10

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Phil_Bombhead Author
Phil_Bombhead - - 13 comments

854 views and no one has anything to say about my first game :( I would really like to hear what fellow gamers and game makers think of Dead on Sight, I have posted a few Promotion codes to get the ball rolling, hope you enjoy them.


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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Nice work phil, can tell a lot of work has gone into this game and its great you have had good feedback from other sites.
I haven't played your game so can't provide feedback, however i would say besides the vast amounts of work and polish, its still just a zombie shooter, its hard to draw a crowd to a zombie title these days as its a very common theme. Still i wish you the best and for a first title you have done a great looking job.

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Phil_Bombhead Author
Phil_Bombhead - - 13 comments

Thanks TKAzA we worked very hard to create Dead on Sight and as our first game it was a massive learning curve. The media have been great and still getting decent new reviews daily, I agree that the zombie shooter market is very saturated making it very hard to get people interested, I doubt our next project will have any zombies in but I think any zombie games in progress with a fresh idea can still do very well, as I certainly enjoy blowing a zombies head off with a big rifle.

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