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Blow the undead to bits in this fast paced, zombie maiming, sniper game for iOS.

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We have updated Dead on Sight and made it free to play.


Dead On Sight is set in a fictional town which is being attacked by zombies. The goal of the game is to complete a number of levels which are set in the town, shooting zombies with your rifle. Each level is populated with humans which will attempt to escape the zombies: they climb up ladders and hide in buildings. The zombies will pursue them and try to break into their hiding places (breaking down the door or climbing the ladder).

The amount of humans that are rescued in each level are then taken to the final level. In this level the people travel down the only road out of town which passes the source of the zombie infestation. The player, situated in a water tower, must cover the escaping people trying to allow as many to escape as possible.

Dead On Sight also features four mini games, which can be unlocked by attaining achievements. There is also a bonus game mode that is unlocked when all achievements have been achieved.

The main aims when creating Dead On Sight were to have lots of characters on screen and to have zombies which could be destroyed (blowing heads and limbs off). We also want to have a way of controlling the game without resorting to on screen joypads. In Dead On Sight zooming is performed by pinching, changing in and out of the scope view is by tapping the screen with two fingers (or thumbs), and panning is performed by using one finger. There is one button which is used to shoot. The game is best controlled using two hands, as shown in our trailer.

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