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Pixels? Zombies? Another apocalypse? Dead Chronicles! Survive the undead in this pixelated zombie apocalipse

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George A. Romero, 1968, Nigth of the living dead. This was the beginning of a new enemy, tireless, inexorable, voraciuos: the zombies.

Is fun to fantasize: surviving the apocalypse, face the hordes of the undead, those brain eaters... Well we have imagined this situation a thousand times, Dead Chronicles give us the chance to live it from our Android device.

Dead Chronicles

It takes place in the invented city of Leylip, where you must follow your instincts and keep alive surrounded by the dead. Who knows? Maybe you can find the cure...

Another zombie apocalypse? What's new here?

  • Retro pixelated style: handmade graphics
  • Story mode: 2 chapters and 24 stages (more to come) with 3 side objectives/achievements per stage, that is a lot of play
  • Different kind of missions: cover / rescue survivors, hold the horde, clear the zone, search for supplies...

Dead Chronicles

  • Survival mode: waves of undead, disvocer an abandoned warehouse while you unlock new areas and get new weapons
  • Lots of ranged weapons: 9mm pistol, crossbow, famous AK47 or the powerful Magnum
  • Lots of melee weapons: use your baseball bat wisely... or better, use that machete! if it is useful in the jungle sure it can do the job!
  • Level up every weapon: more power and ammo
  • Character improvement: faster, stronget, better! Become a killing machine!
  • Use your brain: just 2 weapons at a time

Dead Chronicles

For better experience we recommend a gamepad,especially with tablets.

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