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It is finally here, the fully features final release of the Destruction derby Total conversion for Carmageddon 2

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Yes people, after long and hard work it is finally there! The unlimited, fully featured final release of the Destruction derby Total conversion for Carmageddon 2

it has been a long run. Starting in December 2009 with an initial idea of just creating one track and a car pack, the mod started growing. With a lot of patience and devotion to both game franchises I was able to recreate all cars and tracks to full detail. With help of people from the Carmageddon community the mod got it's final funky touches, enabling YOU to play destruction derby on the Carmageddon engine.

The Carmageddon engine features a more dynamic damage system. Meshes can deform randomly, the different texture stages and scrap material make each crash chaotic looking.
The replay function makes it possible to relive every action from any angle, specially useful for all those movie makers out there!

Modern day systems have a hard time dealing with old games, but with the help of a good glide wrapper the mod can be played smoothly and with high resolution!
for windows xp and vista users, the Glide wrapper from Zeckenack is a good option;
For windows vista and windows 7, NGlide is preferable.


The mod features 13 racetracks, 6 from destruction derby 1 and 6 from destruction derby 2. For pure anhialation you can do some damage on the 5 different bowls, 1 from dd1 and 4 from dd2.

There are two different game car modes, dd1 or dd2 cars. Apart from the original franchise, you can now play with ALL the cars you want.

LAN play is working! And yes, VLAN is also possible, but only if you have a very high speed internet connection.

The rest of the game has been fully modified. All sounds and menu images have been replaced and even the gameplay physics have been altered to suit a destruction derby enviroment.

I would like to thank everyone who has been helpfull in the past half year to make this project possible.
Toshiba for helping me with hex editing the original launcher, a lot of carmageddon issues and tips, and work on the final launcher.
All the beta testers over at devWAM, Dudleif, Razor, John606 and those I forget
Stifado for creating the Carma UDP tool and making a special version for the mod.


now enough talk, head over to the download section and start playing! Don't forget to download a glide wrapper though ;)

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