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Read for new info on Da Chest Collector Game. In this I thank Klymraid. I also tell about the new plot line.

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I do have to thank Klymraid for all his help. I cannot emphasize it enough how important he is to this project. I now have 5 songs that I can use for my game.

This game was pretty much plotless, but now I do have a plot that I came up with:
You are told to get chests. You do it, you think that it's just a fun game to pass time. But then you learn that it's a Government trap. You now MUST collect chests in order to survive. The only way you can is to get the high score [insert ridiculous number here].

I am hoping that this game will be one huge game. In this plot, the beginning of the game, you wake up when you are a child, and you found a chest with a note in it "Don't go down this path" but you think that it's a prank and just keep going on with your life. That's as far as I got.

Also, there has been a private beta in which it show's the progress. The next version might be a public beta depending on the progress.

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