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Modding is possible in Dawn of War 2 and has always been! Since the beta of patch 1.4 there even is a map-editor. Besides that there already are Steam-groups for DoW2 modders and mappers!

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Map-editor and Beta Patch 1.4

As you might remember the last news were about a 'modding-petition' (you can still sign it, link) and now RELIC finally heard the voice of their community: Since a week or two there is an official map-editor! The release of the beta of the 1.4 patch for Dawn of War (called 'There is only War') includes a world-builder which is just the tool that RELIC used to create their maps.

Unfortunately the beta of the patch will end on Sunday, July 19, and the final release of the 1.4 patch will be somewhen in August, so you might have to wait some time for the editor. My suggestion is to download the beta today and make a copy of your Dawn of War II folder, so you can still use the world-builder after the beta has ended and don't have to wait for 1.4 to be released (note: The world-builder doesn't need Steam to start, thus a copy of it should work just fine).

If you're interested in mapping then you should visit the Official Mapping Forums as well as the RelicNews Mapping Forums - and before getting started you should also read RELIC's guide to the map-editor. If you're searching for direct help with the map-editor you might want to join the Steam group of DoW2 mappers and if you're searching for someone to test your maps or just want to play some cool custom maps then you should join the DoW2 Custom Map Group in Steam. Let the mapping begin!

Modding Dawn of War II

Before the release of Dawn of War II and even now lots of people thought/think that it was impossible to create mods for Dawn of War II. This belief has to be purged: Modding is possible in Dawn of War II. There already are some mods for it here on ModDB though lots of mods don't appear over here.

If you want to get started and create mods yourself or if you're just looking for a well-made mod to kill all your freetime then you should visit the RelicNews Modding Forums and join the DoW2 Modding group on Steam. Another great place to find information on DoW2 modding is the ModsRUs Modding Wiki.

Note: None of the tools provided on these pages are offical. RELIC doesn't support any of them.

I'm looking forward to see all the maps and mods created by you soon!


do you know how to get maps in game?

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