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Converts Imperial Jet Troopers into Dark Troopers Phase Zero from the classic Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)

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The remake of the Dark Trooper Phase Zero mod has been finally completed and released to the public.

Replacing the Imperial Rocket Trooper, this unit from the classic Battlefront 2 (2005) makes its way into the newest game of the series, with a completely remade model faithful to its original appearance.

Dark Trooper in battle

This mod doesn't only fashion a new character model and emissives, it also includes a unique visual effect for the jetpack, creating a nice contrast with the rest of the aerial units in the game.

Dark Trooper flying

This mod also includes 5 original aspect variants for the Dark Trooper



The "Inheritor" variant immediately pops out from the rest, as it's inspired by the newest iteration of the Dark Troopers in Star Wars, the third generation Dark Trooper seen in The Mandalorian TV show:

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