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A new alpha version was released last night for Danny's Fall.

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Hello everyone!

If this is the first time you are seeing "Danny's Fall" then welcome to my side project in testing! The game is currently in Alpha stages and I recently uploaded a brand new version last night with some hefty updates.

Danny's Fall Alpha v0.3

Here's the details on the changes from v0.2 to v0.3:

- Force Field graphics/animation implemented
- Force Field attack (kills enemies, protects from attacks)
- Force Field amount display (displays on Hud, upper right corner)
- Health Guage (hud displays health)
- Score system (collect points from killing enemies)
- Deadly platforms (platforms that kill you if you touch them, *spikes*)
- Reduced Lag
- End of level enemy destroy (all enemis die when you reach the end of the level)
- Chibi danny added to title
- Pause (can pause game)


  • Movement controls updated (can no longer fall up or rotate in a circle)
  • Loading scene implimented (loads before each level)
  • Gameplay instructions (shows as first scene of game)
  • End of level transition updated (smoother jump to center if you fall outside of center pad area at end of level)
  • Cursor sound updated (changed)
  • Full screen ask option
  • Timer (2 minutes per level or you get game over)

As you can see the progress is coming along nicely and the further I get into this project the more new ideas come to mind! If you happen to have any ideas, input or things you would like to see for the game in upcoming versions please feel free to share them in the comment box below or send me a message.

What's planned for Danny's Fall?

  • The ability to attack enemies (missiles, etc.)
  • Collectables (health, ammo, specials, etc.)
    Difficulty settings
    More levels
    Animated Cursor
    Mouse Control (can use mouse to select options or control player)

Thanks for reading, more updates coming soon!

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