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This is the Cyborg Squad Profile. Credits to Starfox100 and ik008(SecretCroc) for helping me with the creation of the video. Have fun!

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Designation: Heavy Assault Infantry
Affiliation: Nod
Role: Anti-infantry
Armament: Hand Installed MG, Hand Installed Tiberium Particle Laser
Type: Heavy Infantry
Speed: Medium


Cyborg units were used by the Brotherhood of Nod even during the First Tiberium War, although they weren't as effective as the TW2 Cyborgs. By the start of the Second Tiberium War, Nod had its own army of Cyborgs. They were used very frequently, and the results were very good. With CABAL's rebellion, though, all cyborg units became questioned, and, for more than one decade, every Nod soldier fell terror even in the thought that he would have to see a Cyborg again.

By the middle of the Third Tiberium War, no one but Kane's most trusted Inner Circle members, and of course Kane, knew that cyborgs where recovered and redeveloped. After Temple Prime's destruction, the surviving Inner Circle Members believed that giving the green light to cyborgs was the only way to ensure the Brotherhood's survival. The cyborgs were developed immediately to the battlefield. The Cyborg Squad had features from the old TW2 Cyborg design, but also new features. Although it was mostly a machine, the Cyborgs kept their Mutant DNA, and could heal themselves when they were in contact with Tiberium. The new design also included a new AI, which couldn't be hacked and was connected only to the cyborg's commander's Control AI. The Cyborg Squad was very effective against all infantry, both light and heavy, and could also destroy light vehicles very quickly. With the Tiberium Particle Lasers upgrade they were even better against light vehicles, and, in big numbers, threats even to heavy vehicles, like the GDI Mammoth Tank and the Scrin Annihilator Tripod. In addition to their combat capabillities, there was also their reputation. Many Nod TW2 veterans who fought against CABAL shot their own cyborgs by terror and many GDI soldiers died by excessive terror even before getting in attack range with them, being psychologically affected by the stories they had heard about them. But the cyborgs quickly became trusted again because they saved many lives in the war and ensurred most victories, and for the rest of the war
they became the unit of choise by Nod commanders.

"Cyborgs are the Brotherhood's most powerful infantry units. Many updates on the unit's AI were made to prevent a possible uprising by any of the Brotherhood's advanced autonomous AIs. All commanders are advised to use them against light vehicles and personel. Once the commander has the technology and has been allowed to use the Cyborg Squad, should train Cyborg Squads in order to replace the weaker Militant Squads. You should also know that Cyborg Squads can be upgraded with Tiberium Lasers, which will allow them to deal with heavier infantry and vehicles."

--Nod Millitary Guide, Cyborg Squad--

New and Old
The Cyborg Squad's design is old, but strong, tested and relliable. But, old machines couldn't fight on a modernized battlefield with so much efficiency as they used to, so new things were added, and most important of all, Tiberium Particle Lasers. These make the Cyborg Squad much deadlier, and suitable at every attack situation.

justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

Very good! Love to see the profile of one of my favorite NOD units.

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GooberTrooper - - 2,197 comments

Very Nice!

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dta.Osiris - - 304 comments

I've always enjoyed reading these unit profiles.

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Carnius - - 1,354 comments

Great stuff as always. :) Im really impressed how well you always expand my initial idea. Wery good, very good indeed. I will add direct link to all your unit spotlight in next news update so no one miss your effort here. ;)

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justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

How like to create a Wikish site to post all these profiles and Tiberium Essence mod info?

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playmsbk Author
playmsbk - - 2,388 comments

if i am over with all these profiles it woulb be wiser to create that 1 then.

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Starfox100 - - 1,297 comments

We just like to support your work here :)
And how PLAYMSBK get all those stories... better ask him self, because it's probably all in his mind xD

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Oaks - - 2,242 comments

I love when they are hauling their ***** out of my base,looking for tiberium to heal themselfs.)Never fight with them with infantry when they are standing on tiberium.Actually, alone are those slow and dumb fools just meat for the grinder if I use Jumpjet trooper or Razorback.

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