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Hi Folks, happy, that you found this news!

You may have found this because you like sci fi games and you are a sci fi enthusiast like me.

Age of Asteroids is a Real Time Strategy Game based in space. In more detail it is located in the inner asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The current state of the game is being a prototype with many things actually working and with good enough visuals to show it to the world. The screensots you are see on this project are ingame screenshots made withthe actual game prototype (which is not available for public).

This prototype was made to see what could be done and how it will feel when my idea is brought into a working state. The current Prototype does already feature building mechanics, ship AI and ship mechanics but game mechanics are not implemented yet and there is only 1 type of ship at the moment and 2 shiup/ship weapon types (blaster and laser)

There is much more queued but it is a state where the actual players are asked to throw in their idea of future space colonization, battles, mining and other aspects YOU want to see in the game as well :-)

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