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Hello Cube MetalHeart users, I replaced the Cube 2 Engine with a new enigne named Tesseract.

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Hello Cube MetalHeart users,
I replaced the Cube 2 Engine with a new engine named Tesseract .
Tesseract is a fork of the Cube 2: Sauerbraten engine.
The goal of Tesseractis to make mapping more fun by using modern dynamic rendering techniques, sothat you can get instant feedback on lighting changes, not just geometry.No more long calclight pauses... just plop down the light, move it, change itscolor, or do whatever else with it. It all happens in real-time now.Tesseract removes the static lightmapping system of Sauerbraten and replacesit with completely dynamic lighting system based on deferred shading andshadowmapping.It provides a bunch of new rendering features such as:* deferred shading* omnidirectional point lights using cubemap shadowmaps* perspective projection spotlight shadowmaps* orthographic projection sunlight using cascaded shadowmaps* HDR rendering with tonemapping and bloom* real-time diffuse global illumination for sunlight (radiance hints)* screen-space ambient occlusion* screen-space reflections and refractions for water and glass (use as many water planes as you want now!)* screen-space refractive alpha cubes* deferred MSAA/CSAA, subpixel morphological anti-aliasing (SMAA 1x, T2x, S2x, and 4x), FXAA, and temporal AA


This is great news. I will have to re-install Sauerbraten soon!

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