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The CSiS Team introducing themselves and the work we have done recently.

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Misc Screens

We're new to IndieDB and we would like to show off our game here.

CSiS - Combat Simulation System - is all about fast-paced multiplayer action in space. Choose your ship, equip it, and join the fight over resources and control of the sector in 5 Game Modes (3 of which are done and featured in the current Beta - download in the download area of indieDB or at our site).

CSiS frozen Level

The game can be played with up to 16 players online and in a LAN. Choose a server on the list or enter a manual IP:

Misc Screens

It's played in quick rounds in each of which you earn cash to buy a better ship loadout for the next round.

CSiS 0.50 Beta Screens

What we have done:

  • Two levels are done so far.
  • Three game modes:
    FFA - Free For All
    TDM - Team Death Match
    CTS - Capture the Station
  • Client, Dedicated Server (we just tested the dedicated server on emulated windows on a mac: it works! *Cheer* ) and Client+Server in one.
  • Bots - Computer controlled players
  • 5 Ship Types, 5 gun types, 5 rocket types, mines, asteroid turrets, space turrets, wingmen upgrades
  • Display your own custom logo on your ship ingame
  • Play your own music while playing the game
  • Console Commands with Voting system
  • Serverlists, Startup Tools, Options Settings
  • Tutorial Level to get you started
  • Audio

What's left to do for us:

  • Two more game modes. One of them will feature large cargo ships that need to be protected by one team while the other team tries to destroy them.
  • More levels: We have plans for at least 10 different settings
  • More music - we want unique music for each of the levels.
  • Fallback shaders for lower graphic settings
  • Fix Bugs (yay! ...)
  • Publish

Ok, so can I help?
Of course! We could use your help in pretty much any area. Especially with:

  • Testing, testing, testing. Being an indie group, we don't have the hardware or manpower to do all the testing we want to do. There will be bugs in our releases, simply because we cannot test with more than 4 computers at the same time. That's why we ask you all to download the Beta, distribute it, try it, play it with friends or on one of the dedicated servers we have running. We appreciate every bug report you send us!
  • Music: If you're a musician or you know someone who would make music for free, we could really use your help! We currently have two people composing for us, but there is lots of space for more: we want a different music setting for all of the 10 levels. Of course we will give credits where credits are due, but at this point I should also say that being an indie group with no certain future, we can't offer any money...

Check us out here on indieDB/modDB or on our website.

Playground Level CSiS 0.50
CSiS frozen Level

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Such a cool looking game. hahah.

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