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Today we're talking about Character Status Effects in #CryoFall and what you can do with that system! Take a look at the Dev. blog entry #22!

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CryoFall Dev.Blog #22 - Status effects

It's been a while since our last update... Sorry about that :)

But we've been working hard on a lot of new additions to the game in preparation for launch!

Wait... "Launch"?!

Yes! We are planning to make CryoFall public relatively soon. We feel there's enough content to keep people entertained for a while and we are constantly adding even more content, so it seems a good time to finally make the game available for public! Currently, I won't go into too much details regarding our release plans, but we will have a detailed post with more information within a few weeks. So, make sure to follow our blog!

Anyway, now onto the main topic for today. And that is character status effects!

It looks something like this in the game. Now, obviously you won't ever see madness like the above, at most I expect people to have 2-5 active status effects at any one time, but for the testing purposes I added most of the status effects that are available in the game just to show you how it looks :)

So, let's get into a bit more details about the stuff currently in the game.

We can start with the negative status effects (or "debuffs"):

  • Bleeding - This is probably one of the most common status effects in this type of games, so the explanation is unnecessary :)
  • Broken leg - This one is also pretty self explanatory. You can use a splint to fix the broken bone and this will change the status effect into Splinted leg, which will heal after some time. You can't run with either of the two effects.
  • Dazed - If you've been hit hard you will get this status effect for a few seconds. During that time you can't move or do anything else.
  • Hunger - If your food meter goes all the way down you will get this status effect. It simply means that you are losing health slowly.
  • Thirst - Similar to hunger, but the effects are more severe (as in real life).
  • Nausea - If you eat something bad there's a chance to get this status effect. When that happens you can't eat or drink anything else for some time.
  • Pain - This is quite an interesting one. You will get this effect as a consequence of some other effects and when you get hit. It doesn't do that much on it's own, but it indicates that "something is not right". Still, you can use some painkillers to completely remove it.
  • Psi - Now it's getting interesting! There are some areas and creatures in the game that will have psi powers! This is as much as I can say right now! :)
  • Radiation - This is the amount of accumulated radiation in your body. Essentially radiation poisoning or "dose". The higher the level the faster you will lose health.
  • Toxins - Similar to radiation, but the source of the influence are toxins. Quickly use some anti-toxin meds!

There are obviously some positive effects, including:

  • Energy rush - After drinking an energy drink or taking stimulants your fatigue recovery will be much higher and you can run for a very long distance without getting tired.
  • Healing - This simply means that you are recovering your health. Usually as a result of using a healing item (such as medkit).

And finally there are some "neutral" effects that don't do anything by themselves, but affect other things:

  • Drunk - This status has a bunch of different effects ranging from reduced pain to protection from psi.
  • Medicine overuse - If you keep using meds non stop eventually you body will tell you "Enough!". In game terms it is simply a measure to stop players from abusing the meds and giving them excessive advantage.
  • Protection - From bleeding (by using blood coagulants), pain (by using painkillers), psi, radiation, toxins, etc. Essentially a protection from some influences.

And that's more or less it. Next time we will cover the actual items that help with those status effects (medicine).

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