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The MOD is currently counted as dead, the page will NOT be deleted because it may come alive the following months. What will be new and better when it'll be back?

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Cry Or Die: Source is an Horror MOD for Half-Life 2 (didn't decide wich ep. or the original).
It started as an Indy MOD, and it didn't work for TDT-Alpha.
He searched, and still, looking for recuits for the MOD.
You can read more details about the MOD itself in its page.

What will come with the new life of the MOD?

1) New Logo, Icon and ModDB headers and all about that...

2) New FANTASTIC and REALISTIC INTRO movie. (3 minutes long)

3) A lot more media - Songs, Blueprints (made with ruler...) and Images.

4) Concept Art - As TDT-Alpha got better in it, the concept art will be much better.

5) New Wesite (will be "http://cod.thedragonteam***) with Amazing design.

6) Pre Alpha maps for user testing.

7) Weekly or Monthly news.

8) The Mod...

Now, the MOD will be alive -again- when I'll have a certain number of recuits.
To contact TDT-Alpha about joining the team:
Skype: TDT-Alpha

Thanks For Reading!


if it is a source mod DONT POST THIS ON HL1 >.<

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its HL2?

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*Cry Or Die: "Source" is an Horror MOD for "Half-Life 2"* is a HL2 mod and his is Half Life 1 ¬¬

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Why are you posting this here? You have your own mod page.

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TDT-Alpha Author

I post it that way because some HL1 modders would, may be, like to join the team.
That's my point...

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Dude man learn the system, play the game and experience failure and success. One of the biggest problems with single man mod teams is doubt. Just push on and learn the ropes, spend time learning how things work. You can make anything as long as you know that you put your best effort first and built on it, then come back and build on it again. The true gem will appear once you clean up the junk.

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