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The new update to The Crucible for UT3 will be here shortly.

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Hi everyone. No news for a long time, as we're busy on various projects, but we will be updating the UT3 mod to v1.2 shortly with a few neat changes.

The Crucible v1.2 update will be created as a group of Mutators and Gametypes rather than a TC, to allow compatibility with stock UT3 content as well as other 3rd party mods and add-ons.
Some of the features that players can expect in the update for The Crucible include:

-Original 8 MSUC winning Crucible weapons, plus the "Thor" Lightning Gun.
-All Crucible characters including the 1st place Savior, Skeleton Minion, Crusader, Zombie, Gargoyle and Hel.
-Horrific, intense new gore system featuring per-character gibs, blood pools, drag marks, surface splatters and disgusting new effects, everything you need to paint the town red!
-New movement system allows greater freedom with abilities such as sprinting, mantling, vaulting and the 'Wings of Light' powerup to give players super leaping abilities.
-RoadRage gametype with over-the-top vehicle combat as seen in the previous Crucible TC.
-New Health and Armor items.
-New HUD.
-6 new Deathmatch maps, and 1 RoadRage map.
-Various options and settings, such as spree based Health Regen and Frag Health Bonus, Undesaturation, Move speed modifier and more.

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Awesome :D

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