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Hi again! One week can be pretty short, indeed. We still managed to make progress with CrossCode, prepare the crowdfunding campaign, and even created a new forum for you!

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Hi again! One week can be pretty short, indeed. We still managed to make progress with CrossCode, prepare the crowdfunding campaign, and even created a new forum for you!

More Puzzle elements

In last week's update you saw a very early preview of the new Bounce Switches. Those switches are now complete - here is how it works:


You need to throw one ball to hit all those corner blocks and finally the bounce switch in order to activate it.
While this might seem fairly straight forward in this example, there are many ways to make these kind of puzzles more interesting, just by adapting the environment and mixing in other puzzle elements.

One of these elements can be the new "ball manipulators" (that's at least how we call them for now). Those things will react with your balls and change their behavior, for instance like this:


These manipulators simply modify the direction the ball is flying. We have plenty more ideas for modifiers, such as slowing down the ball or changing the balls element. You can expect a lot of puzzles in CrossCode mixing in ball manipulators and bounce switches.

More music

Who wants some new music? Intero compose two new themes for CrossCode: Autumn rise, which will be played within exploration mode and Rhombus Dungeon, which you'll hear during the puzzle mode.

...Yes, we had music for these parts before - those where place-holders. :P

You can listen to the new tracks in this playlist:

SoundCloud Playlist

How do you like the new tracks?

Feats + Menu content

I worked on the menu, first adding a very essential feature that has been missing so far: credit and play time display in the menu start screen:


Additionally, I added a small treasure counter in the map menu as was request by some of you:


We might still improve that chest symbol.

Afterwards I turned my attention to something completely new: the synopsis sub menu. There you can read a summary of what has happened plot-wise, see your quest log or get more background information about the game's lore. And finally, you'll check a list of feats (aka achievements).

Lachsen and I planned the internal model for feats, how to store and update them. All of this has been implemented. What remains is implementing the GUI and, of course, coming up with many interesting feats.

And there we thought you might have some good ideas for us:

Can you think of any interesting feats/achievements you'd like to see in CrossCode?


Before you write about feats and other stuff in the comments below, we'd like to introduce a new place where you are free to discuss CrossCode - or anything else, really.

We're talking about the new forum:

Feel free to create an account, open a thread or leave some posts!

And that's all for today's update.

Until next week! :D


Apparently I have a hard time putting in the security code for an account LOL

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Regiden Author

Could you make it work?

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Looking forward to playing this!

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This game is going to be challenging. Like!

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Very nice update!
Love the inventory GUI and the puzzles. Very creative!
Hope to see a lot of puzzle in-between all the action

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