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Heres a WIP List of Criminal Confederacy Heroes, Subject to Change

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Hondo Ohnaka -a pirate, who started his little empire during the clone wars, has been slowly building it up ever since. When Jabba and Xizor Died, he gathered the greatest criminal minds in the galaxy to take it over during this period of instability in the Galaxy. On Land he use a heavy blaster Rifle and can sprint and throw grenades and is escorted by two Weequay Commandos. . Provides a Field and Fleet Commander Bonus and Provides a 25% discount to all Weequay Units in the System he is in. (Spawns at Tech 1)

Tyber Zann (Major) and Reactivated IG-88(Minor) - Ex- Vigo of the Black Sun. Tyber is one of the Vigos of the Black sun trying to take control of the Organisation following the Death of Xizor. He also found the body of the droid bounty hunter IG-88 and reprogrammed him to be his Bodyguard. Tyber Provides a Field and Fleet Commander Bonus and in Space he has a one of a Kind Aggressor-class Star Destroyer called the Peacebringer (Spawns at Tech 3)

Savan - Savan was a member of a Falleen royal family and the niece of Prince Xizor. She is in Temporary command of the Black Sun after her uncle's Death. In order to ensure her place she has decided to ally herself with other Criminals in the Galaxy. She uses a Sporting Blaster in Battle, she can sprint and bribe enemies and Like her uncle pilots an Starviper in Space. She provides an Field and Fleet Commander Bonus(Spawns at Tech 1)
A'Sharad Hett - A jedi that survived order 66, after being defeated by Obi-wan on Tatooine he Became a Bounty Hunter, but after Chasing down a target on Korriban, he has called by the spirits of the sith and trained to be one. After he emerged from the tombs, he went to seek out Vader and Palpatine out of revenge, but found out they were dead. After picking up a transmission by mistake he saw an opportunity to seize the Galaxy, In Battle he uses one red lightsaber and can use Force Lighting and Force Crush. Later in the war personally stole a an experimental Nemesis SSD from Kuat Shipyards(Gains capital ship at Tech 4)He Provides an Fleet and Field Commander Bonus.(Spawns at Tech 2)
Bossk - A trandoshan bounty hunter who built up his reputation during the clone wars and the early part of the GCW and has a grudge against Han Solo and Chewbacca, he is now one of the Confederacy's most trusted killers. In space he pilots the hounds tooth. Provides a Fleet and field commander bonus and can eliminate heros on the Galactic map (spawns at tech 3)

Jodo Kast - Once a member of Alliance SpecOps who became a bounty hunter. Jodo once got jobs by using fetts name but found it was too dangerous and took jobs using his own name. Now works as an assassin for the Criminal Confederacy. In space he pilots a modified Lambda-class T-4a shuttle called the Foxcatch. Provides a Fleet and field commander bonus and can eliminate heros on the Galactic map (spawns at tech 1)

N-K Necrosis - N-K Necrosis was a highly advanced combat droid created from the body of the late General Grievous. Something Tyber Zann Stole from the Empire on Utapau, he added an advanced droid brain it. He wields a Red double bladed lightsaber and is escorted by 4 MangaGuards. In Space he commands a Providence cruiser "Soulless Death". Provides an Fleet and Field Commander Bonus.(Spawns at Tech 1)

Teti Viba - Leader of the Death Watch Remnant, After the clone wars deathwatch went into hiding again, Teti Viba received a transmission from Hondo. He Only Agreed to join on the condition that the takeover of Mandorlore is made one of their top goals. In Ground battles he wields two WESTAR-35 blaster pistols, a Jetpack and a Flamethrower. In Space he is in a Kom'rk-class fighter/transport. He provides an Field and Fleet commander bonus. He also provides a 25% discount on Death Watch Units.(Spawns at Tech 2)

Durga Besadii Tai - Durga Besadii Tai is the Next biggest hutt Gangster after Jabba's death, with shares in the Black sun, his hutt clan has taken over Nal Hutta. Provides an Fleet Commander Bonus and a 25 (Spawns at Tech 1)

Grand Admiral (Self-Proclaimed) Andal Sait - Andal Sait is a rogue imperial Captain who attempted to sell the ISD2 "The Blackguard" to the Black Sun but the deal went wrong after a group of spacers interfered and went into hiding with it. Sometime after Endor, he re emerged with his star destroyer to get a foothold in the galactic underworld. Provides a Fleet Commander Bonus(Spawns at Tech 3)
Gethzerion/Kyrisa. She also gives an Field and Fleet Commander Bonus and provides a 25% discount on Nightsisters.


Hondo is a great idea i love it and when he is going to planets you should get his recording saying:"Profits profits and more profits" :).

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