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Credits will be given here to submods and those who contributed in making this mod.

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Wind from the East

Credits to :

The Ottoman Realism Team for the units and the Ottoman Empire retextures, as well as the balancing.
Special thanks to Amir Timur, Ramses, Goutlard and Nizam.

To Remo for the Austrian and Prussian skins.
To Danova and his Ornamentum skinpack for the Albanian Militia Skins.
To SirDigby Chicken Ceasar for some models, skins and european units of Kaiser, Tsar, Kayser and Ghaysar.
To Mech_Donald for the blood mod.
To somerandomninja for cavalry standard bearers.
To Bran Mac Born for the NTW graphics mod.
To Adrian74 for the texture of some greek units, solak janissaries, yerliye janissaries, and many other.
To Emre Kocasu and his Dawn of the Turks mod for M&B for some models and skins.
To Bavarian Grenadier for his retexture of European units.
To Sirlion for the sounds and battle ambiance from the Battle Chaos Mod.

To Ahiga for his support and willingness to help.
To Erasmus777 for answering questions and helping.
To HusserlTW for the startpos file.
To Darth Vader for the Darthmod AI.
To Bran Mac Born for the Campaign and Battle AI from his own campaign AI mod.
To BraselC504 for the Diplomacy almost completely fixed mod, as well as the town wealth fix mod.
To Taw for discovering how to fix the diplomacy.
To JaM, and DaVinci for making the awesome Empire Realism mod ; and for the unit cohesion system.

To KnightErrant for the mesh converter.
To Ltchambers for the pack file manager and DB editor.
To Swiss Halberdier for the AUM submod.
To KingArtist21 for the 4 turns per year submod.

To Oreoman32 for his amazing work on graphics, most notably with Terrestria Orbem.
To Yagu93 and Kingartist21 for the Turkish translation.
To -Durango- for the Visual Interface Enhancement Mod and the beautiful portraits.
To Bahadır "Poxtean" Kalay for translating the manual into Turkish

Current mod leaders :
Goutlard - Profile
Yabgu Nizam Pasha - Yabgu Nizam

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