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Play your childhood favorite game online: Human, Animal, Plant, Object, Place! , Think it Fast in a fun word guessing, Geniuses Battle. How well do you think you’ll fare?

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Many people are excited about playing back their Childhood Favorite Game. Now, the founder of the Geniuses Battle Game Mr. Ahmed Saleh has posted a project in Zoomaal, a Middle East Crowdfunding platform seeking the support for this interesting word game.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (September 02, 2018) – Playing with words is something many people from around the world loves. To help them quench their thirst for English and Arabic languages, Mr. Ahmed Saleh has created the Genuises Battle Game. This game has been designed using the concept of the word-game that many people have played in their childhood days. Now, Mr. Ahmed has posted a project in Zoomaal seeking the support for his crowdfunding initiative towards this game.

The Arabic version of the game and also the English version is in the development process. Here is a small YouTube video showing how the game will look like:

Now, he has started a crowdfunding campaign seeking support of game enthusiasts to extend their support at Zoomaal. He says “Back us on Zoomaal, and help let us make Geniuses Battle Game a reality! Thank you, everyone, for your support”. He has promised that with the support he gets for this campaign, he will soon publish the English and Arabic version of the Game in Google store for Android users and in App Store for iOS users.

Apart from publishing, with the funds he raises from the campaign, he will engage in the development of the second version. The second version of the game will have lot more features and bonuses. He will also continue to develop the more versions, which will be more exciting to play.

This game is going to be a mind tease game and users are sure to get a great mind exercise when they play it. Further, they will get the chance to play with their friends virtually on Facebook. Even, they have the option to compete against other genius players online in the Geniuses Battle Game.

With a random alphabet generator system, this game will keep the players guessed about the alphabet they can expect next. Using the given alphabet, they will have to complete all fields like human name, place, animal, plant, thing and country. This is a game that many people would have played in their childhood in the name of “Human, Place, Animal ,Thing and Place”. For instance, if a player gets the letter D, the human should be like Dan, Animal should be like Duck, for plant it can be daisy and for thing, it can be door, while for place, it can be Denmark. Now, it is going to beautify the smartphones of game enthusiasts shortly with the efforts of Mr. Ahmed Saleh.

Mr. Ahmed Saleh with a view to bringing this game into a reality has posted a crowd-funding campaign at Zoomaal. Again, coming back to the features of the game, players have the option to use the online verification system, where they can verify the answers for the alphabets given by other players. Most importantly, they will get rewards if they win over others.

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The most important aspect of this interesting word-game is that it is going to support both English and Arabic languages. As the development process is 70% over, he needs funds to make it 100%. So, people interested in seeing this game can extend their support at Zoomaal, either by making a financial contribution or by spreading a word out about the crowdfunding campaign on their social media pages.

For those interested in testing the game or register for the beta version of the game, they can register for the same at the website of the game at

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About Mr. Ahmed Saleh:

Mr. Ahmed Saleh is a software engineer and a product development manager with 7 years of experience in the software, web and mobile application development.

To learn more about the Geniuses Battle game and its features and future plans of the developer, please visit the Campaign Page at:


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