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So, today I created the ModDB page for Gladiators, addind some screenshots and informations. Of course, I'll try to add more things, and follow what's appening here. As far as I'm a student, I don't have time anymore to mod every day, I'm in a very hard engineering school (it only exists in France), and I don't live at home during the week ... So my mod will go very slower, but I'll do my best to continue during my free time.

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You should go in my french topic (obviously, if you can read french) to follow everything important. I'm trying to add more pictures or videos, and, of course, an alpha release (it already exists, but I don't think it works anymore with 2.4 version of CR ...). This french topic is here :
Oh, and I'm trying to make a complete summary of my heroes, their stuff, skills and history. It would be easier for you to understand which kinds of heroes I tryed to make ...

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