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Creating with no budget- money makes dreams makes money? My Fellow developers please read. Stay motivated!

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Hi all,

I wanted to write a quick article on the biggest barrier for most indies. MONEY!

Some indie devs have the the financial support from family, friends and some head to crowdfunding but most use their own earnings and savings to help generate movement on their dream. While there is no right or wrong way it;s a barrier we all face. Scott Cawthorn worked at Doller General as a cashier supporting his family while working hard to achieve his dream. It inspires hope.

I my self work 5 to 6 days a week and use my spare time to create and promote my content to generate early support. Sometime i'm awake until 3am creating content and working on my own project. I survive some days on 4 hours sleep. But your dreams will not wait for luck it takes hard work. My money is worked out monthly based on my outgoings which include my development of The Padded Room. While i have read money makes dreams makes money- It;s not as simple for indies. We not invest money that we earn but invest something far more valuable-Our time.

I have negative people surrounding me telling me it can't be done- i reply to such negativity by using it as motivation. it's not money makes dreams makes money-It's motivation makes dreams makes success.

To my fellow developers i say-KEEP GOING! Remember your why and remember your motivation.

Thanks for reading. Here is the newest teaser from my project The Padded Room

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