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So I have been working on TCJT once again. I got several things done over thanksgiving week and this is what i'v done:

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So I have been working on TCJT once again. I got several things done over thanksgiving week and this is what i'v done:
-Better atmosphere
-3D sky box (finally!)-Better skybox (basically what I did was make a 3D sky box and placed in the city prop to make it feel like you are in a city. But when I compiled it I forgot to apply the skybox texture after I redid it and it was completely black and had a nice effect. So when I fixed it I placed a black box in the 3d skybox, placed some sprites for stars and it looks like a clear, no moon, almost pitch black, somewhat starry night sky.)
-Much better lighting (Basically a lot of areas got darker with small lighting. Looks really nice IMO)
-Mountains (FINALLY!!!! They just need a little bit more work)
-More props
-Made the level a tiny bit more challenging (Just enough to get the player to actually have to think in order to move on, which is my main goal for this campaign)
-Fixed some bugs
-I removed the navigational meshes for the AI (they need to be redone)
-Other things that I can't remember

To do:
-Improve Sky box
-Improve Mountains
-Improve Lighting
-Improve design
-Improve minor climax (basically the climax moment at the very end of the level only spawns one large mob and ends, then the noise that attracts the horde never stops, and i just need to add in a turn off switch. It is kind of like the climax in c5_m2)
-Make navigational meshes for AI
-Infected ladders
-Custom sounds for Crazy Jay's messages
-Maybe custom props
-New logo
-And maybe a few more things

So I am getting really close to moving on to the next campaign. I have decided that there will be a climax moment in every level although they get harder and harder they don't get hard until the 4th and 5th level. They are their to mix things up a bit.

For the custom sounds Crazy Jay's messages, I will be using a voice changer, which I already have, because I don't feel that my voice would fit Jay. I already have the voice changer, I know how to use it and i've only played with it once due to me being busy with other things so I need to find the right pitch and timber to make him sound the way I want Jay to sound. Then I just need to record the lines place them into hammer, compile and I got custom sounds.

I am also working on a new logo. I made the current one in maybe a minute and is clearly getting dull.

Lastly I noticed that some of the places you visit in the first level don't make sense. You will understand when I make a video showing what i'v done.

So that's all for now.... I hope you all found this informative and I can't wait to release this campaign (mostly because I have other things I want to do)

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