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We've listened! An item guide is now available for testing: it contains information about items as well as crafting recipes.

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In an effort to make Crawle more accessible we've put together a handy webpage with information about how to use and where to find items, as well as crafting recipes.

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Click on the image above to visit the Item Guide page.

We'd really appreciate your feedback on the item guide: you can post it either here or in our feedback board. As it says on the site, it's still in beta form.In terms of 0.8.0 progress, we've been working on bug fixes and changes/additions to streamline the game better. Some notable new stuff includes:

- Added a graphic to signify getting hit.
- Added notification messages for when you're low on hunger, thirst, energy and sanity.
- Cracks can now also be opened using your off-hand weapon.
- Animals can now also be skinned using off-hand weapons & axes.
- Greatly reduced the miss rate in combat.

As always we highly recommend you get involved and check out this topic on the forums.


why not make this an in-game guide? but thanks anyway, learned a few things from what's there

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Sekaru Author

Beta is beta. There's always a chance we could put this in-game but we just wanted to see how people felt about it in its current form and to get a bit of feedback on it.

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