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Brings Minecraft, the best selling game, into the classic Star Wars Battlefront 2!

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Play as any minecraft player or hostile mob! (Zombie, Spider, Villager, Steve, Alex, Iron Golem, skeleton), as well as many more!

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Also new with this mod comes a brand new map, Minecraft Village!

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Feel free to post feedback below. Enjoy!


Sketchfab Creator: Vincent Yanez - Many of the 3D models

Pandemic – original models/textures

Mojang Studios - minecraft

mmdanggg2 - for their jMc2Obj-111 tool, which allowed me to create models from the game

Alfking49 - Mod creator

MrYoloTheLegend - Play tester

MileHighGuy - Arrow Model

Dannbo - The snowballs used in this mod




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