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Cr Editor Beta 1.0.0 has been released. Test it and give us some feedbacks!

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Current Version: Beta 1.0.0
Beta page

● Entities editor (transformations, material, properties)
● User defined objects system.Lights editor
● Particle systems support (Ogre scripts)
● Terrain editor (elevation, smoothing, texture painting)

Known Issues:
● Painting large areas causes sporadic crashes
● The terrain show only the first(in this build 4) blendmaps
● Object pitch and roll parsing from savefiles is not reliable
● Inspector user interface aligment is ugly.

Future Features:
● Level player
● More terrain brushes
● Binary save files
● Entities hierarchy
● Improved interface


Excellent editor, but seems needing some work. and i have just 2 questions:

-¿It's open-source?
-¿Works in Linux?

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borius Author

1- The source code will be released later this year.
2- It's based on Ogre and Qt libraries and both are available on linux, so it can be ported on Linux pretty easily but at the moment the development is Windows only.


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Well, i just wan't to know, also i'm working in a editor for my engine (was based in OGRE3D) using GTKmm due their small footprint.

But well, keep working!, get the best luck for you!

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Well, it's still in development... ;)

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Hey, I like it so far! I was able to import a height map, which seems to work okay. I look forward to seeing your further refinements!

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borius Author

and you can export it again too, if the height doesn't satisfy you, check terrain settings height scale, find the right height fo your map and import/generate the terrain again. you can find the manual on our website

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