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OnlyLuck Interactive revamped the Corruption skills in their upcoming game Corrupted. This article contains information about the new system and a video.

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We have updated the Corruption system; which is our version of magic. The old style did not have much depth to it. In the old style the enemies dropped consumables that you could use to give your character attacks fire or ice effects.

In the new system when you kill enemies they drop "souls" (the glowy purple things in the video) and they are drawn into the player to fill their Corruption bar (the purple bar). Using the fire or ice effects drain Corruption. Upgrading the Fire or Ice skills with reduce the amount of Corruption drained per second and make the attacks more powerful. Upgrading the Focus skill will increase the maximum Corruption that can be held, along with allowing you to transfer your active ability to nearby players. Focus also effects healing, as it allows you to receive more health per heal and heal nearby players.

Other updates include moving the Super Attack meter to the side of the character portrait and having it flash when full. This makes it much easier to tell when you can use your Super Attack. Also, the size of the Health and Corruption bars now increase when you upgrade your character. This provides some visual feedback to better see the progression of your character.

We are still graphically tweaking the UI, but all of the features are complete and working. For all the latest Corrupted news check out our the Corrupted Dev Blog.

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