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====================================={ :?: Introduction :?: }====================================


- Hello everyone! "Corps francais de Vichy" is a fan made Panzer Corps 2 DLC, that will let you experience the history from 1940-1944 of the Second World, through the eyes of a mostly neglected and forgotten by historians member of the Axis Powers, one that played a strategic role in the faithful conflict, the member in question is of course Vichy France! This Mod will let you fight in Europe against the allies in the late war, in Africa against the free French and the Allies and in Asia you will be up against the Japanese Empire, as well as allied troops, fight your way through this often unexplored corner of history and maybe you can turn the tide of war.

================================={ :idea: Current Status/ Release :idea: }==============================

- Current Version: 1.0 - ( In Development )

- The mod right now is in it's early stages, it might take a bit of time to fully release it as it's a personal hobby, that is being worked on only by me, info on the development of the mod will be posted here, once it has been fully fleshed out and completed it will be posted on the steam workshop and here on this post, you are welcome to try out the demo version of the mod,which has now been released.

> Slitherine Forum Of The Mod Link:

> Official Discord Server Of The Mod:

-Update Log: Currently Working On The Second Scenario.

=================================={ What should you expect? }==================================

:idea: > Here are some features you should expect in this mod:

- Custom portraits, heroes and a story line.

- A multi choice campaign of 16 scenarios in total.

- A decent focus on the naval theater.

- Custom Art to create immersion when playing.

- A campaign that will stretch on 3 continents - Asia, Africa and Europe.

- The use of commendation points as well as many flavor events.

- Secondary objectives that can impact the outcome of the war.

- A few decisions from time to time to spice up your gameplay.

==================================={ :arrow: How to Download? :arrow: }=================================

-> You can find a detailed tutorial on how to download the mod here:

==================================={ :idea: Images of the Mod :idea: }=================================










==================================={ :idea: Campaign Tree :idea: }====================================




Can't wait to play the full mod!! It looks great!

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Hl2-beta_Projects Author

Thank you!

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