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This is the final and last release of the Conflict 2142 Mod v303, so please enjoy our great mod update.

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v303 Change log:

* Assualt Rifles Shotgun and Clark Shotgun revamped (Both have reduced same range but clark more damaging compared with AR Shotgun add on)

* Material Fixed on Vanguard and Gladiator (easier to kill)

* Fixed static AA missile track (now tracks like vangaurd)

* Increased Vanguard Missile damage to reflect fixed material on aircraft

* Added proximity coding to main gun of Vanguard.

* Firefox has new HUD (Pilot can determine friendly and enemy vehicles also has altimeter)

* Firefox rocket pods have increased ROF and ammo count.

* Firefox gunner now has an AA gun (F3) mounted at the top back

* Removed TV Guided Nuke from Firefox. Replaced with Howitzer canon

* Reduced Aurora main gun and missile damage radius

* Add selectable Nuke missile to Catapult. 10 Nukes with triple the reload time (reload time is not affected by supply crates or ammo boxes)

* Removed Bbuy rifle and added X2 (Thanx to SatNav) rifle instead to Bbuy pickup kit

* SAAW damage reduced slightly

* Adjusted ALL assault riffles to refllect Light,Med and Heavy aspects. (distance to start min damage)

* Add depth charge weapon system to rib.

* Fix material problem with rib.

* Revamp Doragon Gunship <- New Hud (detects air)

* New F301 Spectre Fighter Jet (behave like the Aurora)

* Enginer AV sentry gun, tone down.

* Wraith bunny hopping fix

* Wraith gunner missile now has a spread fire effect when explode

* Firefox now can take off before the end of the runaway

* Removed Firefox rocket pods and replaced with bombs.

* RDX shotgun will shoot 1 rdx only and reload increased.

* All Aircraft and Doragon have been slowed down slightly

* Removed EMP rounds from Javelin and replace with Smoke rounds.

* Ganz overheat increased slightly

* Ganz reticle reduction increased slightly

* Aurora lock reticle now matches ED209 for enemy aircraft

* Removed Aurora 3 EMP bombs and replaced with 2 exp bombs

If you have any questions then please ask or visit our website all are welcome at conflict

We are getting ready for the next campaign in a few weeks so watch this space.


Map GAZALA not working in single player. So absolutely zero....

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