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Concussion Boxing is an old arcade style one on one fighting game.

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Hello Everyone,

This is the first news post about Concussion Boxing.

Concussion Boxing is a one on one old arcade style fighting game for the PC and Android.
The main focus is Android but I might release the PC version as well.

Concussion boxing is a game in the genre of games like Tekkan and Virtua Fighter. 3D arcade style fighting games.

I will attempt to make the AI adaptive so it learns the player and improve the more the player play against it.

Although the characters you see are boxers there will also be round house kicks flying around.
The arena doesn't seem to fit these kind of boxers but to be honest I don't have an artist and I use whatever decent art assets I kind find and buy.

I think this game will be tons of fun, the support you will show me will encourage me to make this game more polished and with more content instead of moving to the next game. Though even if the game ends up to have a smaller scope, I will probably revisit it later and expand it.

Thank you,

Stiivais - - 64 comments

Do you have any character stat customization planned? Any distinct characters, or just blue guy vs red guy?
For a mobile game it doesn't look bad, it's just that you should speed up the movement animations or make the steps longer to eliminate the "gliding" effect. Good luck with your game. :)

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PompiPompi Author
PompiPompi - - 116 comments

Just blue guy vs red guy. :)
As it's going to be on a mobile you will only play against the AI, (unless I add multiplayer, which is not likely for this kind of game).
Ooops yea, the gliding occurs when he walks backwards, right?
Or does it also happen when he walks forward?
Anyway, I will fix the gliding.

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