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Just a quick concept update. i've been doing more work elaborating on the basic concept ideas.

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Concept Update #2


Farming in Manifest Destiny is
simple. You build a field, prepare it for crops, and then plant the seed of the
crop you wish to plant. The two basic crops you can plant are Wheat and
Carrots. Both of these crops add to your towns Food Supply. The second part to farming is Livestock. Livestock are
pigs, and cows. They both add to your towns Food
Crops and Livestock both require water in order to be produced, which
brings us to the next point.


Water is generated from two basic
sources, Wells and Natural Springs. Natural Springs spawn randomly in the
world, and Wells are built by the player using town resources. Wells and
Natural Springs both add to the towns Water
Wells can be built anywhere, but are restricted by the towns
overall population. These restrictions are currently unknown.


Hunting is also very simple. The player
uses his controlled character or tasks an AI citizen to hunt. When hunting, the
hunter will kill either Deer or Buffalo. Both of these animals, when killed,
add to the towns Food Supply.

Population Growth:

As time goes on, settlers will
begin migrating out west. You can better your chances of having settlers come
to your land by increasing the amount of resources you have piled up. Settlers are
not controllable by the player (you), but can be given tasks to do. These tasks
are things such as gathering water, farming, building, hunting, and so on.

Hydration, Hunger, Shelter, and Temperature:

Hydration is a person’s need for
water. If your character or a resident doesn’t get enough water, they will
become dehydrated and die. Hunger is a person’s need for food. Same rules apply
as with hydration. Shelter is required to keep people warm when it’s cold, and
cool when it’s hot. If your character or a resident gets too hot, he could pass
away or work less productively. If your character is too cold, the same rules
apply as with heat.

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