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I've completed the first town screen with all the creature dwellings, and have started working on the battle screen.

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The project is going quite slowly, I'm trying to get this project at least to a demo this year, until then, I'll try finishing a second town. The first town (Monarchy) has almost all the buildings, it has all the creature dwellings too.


Outside of the defense structures and the dwellings, these are the most important buildings:

1. Train station


Description: Train station is an important trading and traveling point, it provides some resources every day, and leaders can travel around the map with it.

Description: When built, the leaders and troops can travel around the castles and captured train stations (for 1 coal) and it generates resources through trade. It generates +5 wood and +500 gold a day through trade and leaders and troops can travel around the castles and captured train stations.

  • It generates +5 wood and +500 gold a day through trade.

  • Leaders and troops can travel around the castles and captured train stations.

2. Marketplace (Requires train station)


Description: At the marketplace, players can trade with resources. Because of the taxes, it also provides the city with 750 extra gold every day.

Marketplaces give 750 Gold each day, and make it possible to trade with resources.

  • It generates +750 gold a day through trade.

  • You can trade with resources.

3. Camera obscura


Description: Reveals a large area of the map around the town and gives +2 vision to the visiting leader.


  • Reveals a large area of the map

  • Gives +2 vision to the leader

4. Hangar


Hangar increases the production of flying machines and gliders by 25%. It can also create zeppelins, which can transport units and leaders around the map.


  • Creates Zeppelins

  • Increases glider and flying machine production by 25%.

5.Harbor (Can build: Ship, Battleship, Submarine)



  • Creates ships

  • Creates warships

  • Creates submarines

  • Trading: Creates 500 gold every day

Description string: At the harbor, the player can create ships, warships and submarines. It also generates 500 gold every day through trade.

6. Charcoal burner

Charcoal maker gives +1 coal every day and can create coal from wood.


  • Gives +2 coal every day.

  • Can create coal from wood. (5 Wood→1 Coal)

7. Blacksmith

Gives +1 metal every day. The leaders can buy basic items, like swords and shields. Gives 250 Gold each day.


  • Gives +1 metal every day.

  • Can create basic artefacts

8. Gunpowder factory (requires Blacksmith and Charcoal maker)

Gives +1 Range to heroes, creates firework-type items.

9. Square Gives morale +1 Gives gold +500

Description text: Squares are important cultural sites and celebrations of the monarchies victories. It gives all leaders +1 morale, and also provides the town with 500 gold income every day.

10. Memorial ( requires memorials)

Gives morale +2 Gives gold + 1500

Description text: The memorial symbolizes the greatness of the monarchy and its emperor, it gives an extra +2 morale to the visiting leader, and improves the towns financial life: it produces 1500 gold a day.

Here is an animation that also has some music. When creating the music I tried to use similar instruments, that you could find in an army band, not particularly fantasy, but rather XIX. Century.

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