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We reveal extracts and plans for the game's community wiki. Click if you wish to contribute!

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Since we launched our new website last year we have mentioned plans for some kind of Excalibur library on a few occasions. The idea isn’t a particularly new one but as with many things in this project we decided to take a different approach that we think will give members of the community like yourself a chance to contribute to the final game.

So how will it work?

Over the last couple of months the Excalibur team has been hard at work building up a stock of images which will be used within library articles. New articles will be added on a regular basis and include a basic amount of information for each subject.
The articles will then be opened up to a group of “community editors” who can use their extensive Star Trek knowledge to expand upon the article, putting as much detail into it as they want. The articles will be monitored and moderated by Excalibur team members.

With any luck, we will end up with a detailed encyclopaedia of the Excalibur universe which we can incorporate into the final game as a handy feature allowing the player to explore and investigate the galaxy more easily.

Sounds great, where do I sign up?

We will start off with a just a few articles to kick things off and gradually add more as the game develops. In a similar way we intend to start with a small team of 4 to 5 editors to get the ball rolling, these editors will have free reign to edit the details as they see fit. If you would be interested in getting involved post on the official forums!

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great to see you tapping the greatest resource there is

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