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Another Community update!? Yes indeed, today we're talking about Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2

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Although I said that Community Update #4 was going to be out next week i was astounded by how much i got in the submission box this week including some things i found out myself. I usually will make a post when i get about 4 things to write about, and i have four so welcome to this weeks post.

Left 4 Dead 2 has a hilarious comic on its homepage entitled "Cheeseburger Apocalypse", it is a hilarious example of peoples problems with having bots on the Survivors team. And when you check out their website and look at some recent news posts and comics they have references to Left 4 Dead 2.

As well as that we have many videos, first up we have a hilarious music video submitted to us by AA Killer. It's called "All Of My Favourite Left 4 Dead 2" and is a parody of the song "(These are a few of )My Favourite things". It is funny with some excellent singing and has some good visual Left 4 dead 2 gameplay content. You can check that out here.

As well as that, Kilplix has also been releasing some regular videos of his travels through Left 4 Dead 2 land with his chums: Jed, Cody and the infamous Con.

These are some funny videos and you can see how other people play Left 4 Dead 2. They may not be consistent videos as they are cut to get only the interesting bits but otherwise they are some good videos and are fun to watch. They were submitted by Srg.McMuffin.

Team Fortress 2 War

Well it's not really a news thing as anyone who plays Team Fortress 2 is probably aware of the war going on between the Soldier and the Demoman class in order to see who can get the extra weapon-unlock for that class. We have a thread all about it here, set up by Korean Thug where you can vote on who you think is going to win/who you want to win and discuss/follow the war as it progresses.

Personally i hope the demoman wins this one, i know he's probably not going to. More people can play soldier than demo effectivley and so the class rush's that i hear about with 8 soldiers and 1 demo taking on another team with similar structure are demonstrating the direction of this war. But even the people are ubercharged seem to think that this update is going to be a big problem for the community, they agree that both classes can be a spam fest, which i agree to some extent. Yes they can be used to spam but they can also be used for skill.

The one major problem that i have with this update is that they're leaving the engineer last. Who i think needs to have his updates before the solider/demoman, at the moment the engineer is rarley a big problem to either class but when the new update is out being engineer is going to be really tough and i think that he should get his unlocks first. But still i suppose the hole "save the best till last" mentality can be applied here.

Killing Floor

Well the Killing Floor mapping contest round 2 has come to an end and thus the winners have been announced. But along with that Tripwire is also releasing ANOTHER DLC update for the game featuring these new winning maps which is going to be excellent and another reason for me to get back into playing that awesome game. There are some other updates coming for Killing Floor but the biggest thing that i think is coming is the total conversion mod for Killing Floor by Tripwire is Defence Alliance 2. Which is not down the horror route of Killing Floor but goes into a more Team Vs Team class type game. You can find out more about the Snowstorm release right here.

We also hope to get some more Killing Floor content onto the website. The number of KF players in our community has started to grow and so we want to get some more content for that onto our website. But stay tuned for those to be released.

Phew with all this content being released we're getting pretty busy here at the Survivors Diary, but we do enjoy having your content and sharing it with the community. So please keep sending it in, we'd love to see what else is out there. Even if you have some articles/tactics that you have typed up we can post them onto the website for everyone to enjoy. So long as they feature Zombies (or TF2) then we're happy to talk about them. Although i am thinking of writing a review of the game Altitude, it's such an excellent game and a couple of people have asked for an opinion so stay tuned for that as well :)


Nice comic.

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