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Lack of sleep and a plucky attitude for a day (or three) can change some perspectives or force some thoughts from the back-burner of the mind to the foreground. Including ideas you've long taken for granted. Like names.

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So after a somewhat sleep deprived week from playing a certain game during my off hours, and pondering some of the comments from the past and present, I came to the conclusion that:

1) The current title of the mod isn't as catchy as i thought it would be
2) Its a pain in the ass when you write out its acronym and not terribly intuitive
3) Does not have any real cool secret meaning when you look at it from a different light

That, and the story and current gameplay design are pushing me to narrow my focus. Granted I'm not at the point where I'm gonna argue color swatches with myself for the test chamber rooms yet, but the focus I need to describe things to a 3D modeler is getting there among other things.

So...back to the matter at hand.....

The name I'm contemplating for a name change is Left 4 Dead: Aperture Incursion (L4D:AI for short).
What say ye, denizens of the interwebs?

Keep in mind nothing has changed with the design of the mod, the name change is purely for aesthetics (and for business cards ^_^) and so I can convey the right set of information in the title. And also having it be a double entendre never hurts.

You guys know the drill, comment it up!

EDIT: So after conferring with some of my friends and reading the comments the name has changed. Later in the week (when I'm actually at my computer) Ill redo the banner and possibly post a new screenshot.


I like the sound of Aperture Incursion.

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Zombie Science? Aperture apocalypse?

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I prefer Aperture Incursion,
Sounds Good :D

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Ooh, i like the idea of Aperture Apocolypse

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