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OGR: "On March, 21st, 2011 10 years from the date of an exit of game "Echelon" ("Storm") will be executed. That game which has presented to us this Universe, this World, Playing which, we communicate, battle, we perish and we revive."

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"In connection with the mentioned, approaching event, team OGRifEST
Plans by March, 21st 2011г. To collect something of type of the ANNIVERSARY PATCH.
The full list of that will enter into the Anniversary patch at a stage
Specifications also it will change and be supplemented, most likely.

I think that the following, will be obligatory in a patch:
1. Velian crafts become accessible to the Player, on a level with Federal
2. 2-3 New territories with missions for Network game will be added
3. We will add and is applicable New structures for the Landscape in new territories
4. In the plan to finish, begun still Dmitry (Sell), work on Campaign carrying over
The first Echelon (Storm) "Fight for the Rock hell IV" on a platform "Echelon: Wind Warriors" ("the Storm Soldiers of the Sky").
5. Probably that in game there will be new Objects (structures, крафты)

While Completion of cockpits Velian crafts is spent, I offer all
To take part and think up Names for Velians LA.

Velian craft's screens can be seen here:"
(me: also in my group)

Lebedev Sergey (OGR)

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